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Mon Ortho sur le Plateau
for Adults

Orthodontics for adults helps maintain oral health over the long term, as well as improving the appearance of the smile and boosting self-confidence.

There is a wide variety of problems relating to adults with teeth that do not fit together properly (malocclusions):

- Wear (abrasion)
- Dental fractures
- Large number of repairs
- Missing teeth
- Attachment loss (gum recession)
- Tooth mobility and teeth that move
- Deviation between the arches
- Difficulty chewing
- Tooth pain
- Joint pain (temporomandibular disorders)
Treatment can last between three and 36 months depending on the initial condition and the treatment objectives. Compromise treatments are often used with adults, whereas children or adolescents benefit from ideal treatment. There are some patients that see a cure, while others see an improvement.

Orthodontics for adults contributes to maintaining oral health in the long term, as well as improving the appearance of the smile and boosting self-confidence. Well-aligned teeth make dental hygiene easier, which minimizes the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Preparing for Dental Implants
With the help of orthodontics, create the space required to insert an implant.
Mon Ortho sur le Plateau

Temporary micro-implant anchorage (also known as a TAD, a “temporary anchorage device”).
These temporary anchorages help to deliver results that braces alone cannot achieve.
Mon Ortho sur le Plateau

Surgery-assisted orthodontic treatment (orthognathic surgery)
The upper and lower jaws provide the foundation for the teeth. When the jaws are too small, too big, too wide or too narrow, and possibly positioned at the wrong angle, braces are insufficient for correcting malocclusion.
Mon Ortho sur le Plateau

Understanding Your Treatment Options

There are many treatment options available to you, ranging from retainers and transparent trays (Invisalign), to invisible, metal, ceramic and compact orthodontic appliances. There are different reasons for using each one. Dr. Sonia Lapointe has the knowledge to determine the treatment options based on factors such as your age, possible imbalances in the jaws, difference in teeth size, etc. She knows what to use and when to use it, and she can assist you in making the right decision for your smile.