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To greet my patients in a welcoming atmosphere with the help of my experienced team. My goal is to assist my patients throughout their treatment in a positive and respectful manner. During your visit, your needs and expectations are my priority as I provide you with the facts and the various treatment options. I provide a high-quality treatment based on the most recent cutting-edge technology. Such is my mission, and it will shine through in your smile.

My experience

I have more than 20 years of practice in dentistry, working in places such as Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Manitoba and Uganda. My orthodontic clinic is located is located in the former offices of Doctor Pierre Gagnon, orthodontist.

MY Profession

Passionate about my profession, my daily practice is driven by a desire to improve my patient's quality of life.

MY vision

Providing quality care that meets the standards of the profession while being attentive to the needs of my patients.


The world of orthodontics is exciting and constantly evolving.

Dr. Lapointe and her team regularly attend relevant training sessions in order to improve the quality of care and service they provide.

OVERALL Approach

During a visit, we look at the patient's overall health in order to better understand and diagnose any orthodontic problem.

Several treatments besides the classic "braces" can be advised when we know the source of the problem.

- Malocclusion or poor jaw development
- Impacted tooth
- Delayed tooth eruption
- Bruxism (clenching teeth) or grinding
- Temporomandibular joint disorders(TMD)
- Mouth breathing
- Abnormal, infantile or atypical swallowing
- Tongue thrust
- Poor tongue position or speech problems
- Upper airway obstruction or congestion
- Dark circles under the eyes in children
- Sleep problems and headaches
- Chronic fatigue
- Sleep apnea, snoring or restless sleep
- Changes or dysfunction in posture
- Visible postural asymmetry following a front and profile analysis.

All these conditions and many others are taken into consideration to optimize dentofacial balance.

In addition, some treatments promote better posture in the adult or child patient. Other treatments will lead to a more harmonious development of the child's face and a restoration of the neuro-vegetative functions (breathing, swallowing, chewing and pronunciation).


We stand out through our close collaboration with all the participants involved in an orthodontic treatment.

- General dentist
- Pediatric dentist
- Maxillofacial surgeon
- Dental implant specialist
- Posture specialist
- Periodontist
- Speech therapist


Originally from the Quebec city, Dr. Sonia Lapointe obtained her doctorate in Dentistry from Université Laval in 1992. She chose to establish her dental clinic in Îles-de-la-Madeleine, where she practiced in a stimulating, human and creative environment. After 11 years of general dentistry, she became involved as a volunteer in Africa. Subsequently, she specialized in orthodontics at the University of Manitoba where she completed her master's degree in 2006.

In addition to being a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada since 2006, Dr. Lapointe is also a member of the Quebec Association of Orthodontists and the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.

She is involved with the local dental community and works closely with the Société dentaire de Montréal. Initially establishing her professional career in the Montérégie region, she has now been providing full orthodontic services on Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal in addition to overseeing a satellite practice in Îles-de-la-Madeleine. At the same time, she also provides continuing education on the various aspects of the profession. From Îles-de-la-Madeleine to Manitoba, via Uganda, her daily practice is driven by the desire to improve her patients' quality of life.


Originally from Rimouski, Claire studied in Québec and crafted her skills for 9 years in the old capital. She officially became a Montrealer in 1991.

She explored the various aspects of dentistry such as periodontics, operative dentistry, community health, working in a laboratory and as a sales representative. However, her real passion is orthodontics, a field in which she has garnered rewarding experiences for the past 22 years. Backed by the various training she has received over the years, she is working her way toward a management position.

She hopes that her enthusiasm and teamwork approach will help make every patient's experience a positive one. Working together to accomplish what cannot be done alone.


As Pascale likes to say with a smile: "Happiness is working at Mon Ortho sur le Plateau!"

After working as an orthodontic assistant, she spent 20 years in Îles-de-la-Madeleine as an innkeeper. It was there that she met Dr. Lapointe and thus a great friendship was born. Back in Montreal, she returned to her first love, orthodontics, and joined Dr. Lapointe's team. Customer service was and remains her great passion.

Her daily challenge is to facilitate your visit. Because her desk is at the entrance, or, you may say, the exit, she does her utmost to make your experience a pleasant one from the beginning - to the end!

Functional activator

The functional activator appliance works on all the functional components of the mouth: breathing, swallowing, mastication and phonation. The dysfunction of these neurovegetative functions are often the cause of orthodontic malocclusions.

Activators modify the shape of the dental arches by using functional rehabilitation (direct action on the neurovegetative functions). Modifying the shape of the arches reciprocally affects the neurovegetative functions.


After graduating as a dental hygienist from Collège de Maisonneuve in 2004, Marie-Pier honed her skills in orthodontics at the International Dental Institute in 2006.

In addition to working in the field of orthodontics for close to 10 years, she is also studying interior design in the evenings. Her talent shines though the decor in the clinic. A Cross-fit enthusiast, she persists on beating her own records. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

She uses this same determination and these skills to gently assist you throughout your treatment.


After graduating as a dental assistant in 1999, Amélie went straight into the field of orthodontics. She spent four years working for Dr. Pierre Gagnon, where she rapidly gained experience and developed a keen interest in this speciality.

Then motherhood came calling, and along with it the birth of three beautiful boys. In addition to being a wonderful mother, she wanted to return to a stimulating work environment and take on new challenges. Her passion for orthodontics and her ambition and desire to help the community motivated her to join the team at Mon Ortho sur le Plateau.

Amélie is very attentive to her patients' needs; she will accompany you during your first consultation visit, assist you in your thought process and guide you through important decisions.


Diplômée en assistance dentaire en 2002, Caroline élargit ses compétences avec une résidence à l’Hôpital général juif de Montréal. Oeuvrant autour d’une large équipe multidisciplinaire, elle couvre toutes les spécialités de la dentisterie.

Par sa versatilité acquise au fil des ans, elle occupe des fonctions partant du service de laboratoire à l’assistance d‘équipes composées de dentistes et d’hygiénistes.

Son intérêt pour l’orthodontie se confirme par sa curiosité et son intérêt pour le travail d’équipe. Elle assure le bon déroulement de la journée et offre support et aide aux patients et à ses collègues. Posée et rassurante, elle vous accueille à notre clinique avec le sourire.

We are always on the lookout for talented people who show enthusiasm and determination.

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Josée Doucet
Manager, Coordinator
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Digital panoramic radiology

An essential tool for a proper diagnosis.  ++

Volumetric Tomography

(Called 3D imaging or cone beam)

Useful for evaluating impacted teeth and other bone conditions.  ++

Metal braces (stainless steel)

(by SPEED)

The smallest high-performance self-ligating braces in the industry.  ++

White or transparent braces

(by GAC In–Ovation C)

Braces that combine aesthetics, comfort and performance.  ++

Invisalign® treatment

(clear aligners)

New technology that aligns the teeth by wearing progressive transparent shells.  ++

Retainer appliances

(wire, ESSIX aligners, Hawley)

Promotes the long-term stability of a treatment.  ++                                                                                                                                                         

Dental implant preparation

Using orthodontics to create the necessary space for a future implant.  ++

Surgical orthodontic treatment

Occasionally necessary to reach our objectives.  ++

Interceptive treatment for children

Influencing proper jaw development by wearing a fixed expansion retainer or other removable appliance.  ++

One hour visit

Allows us to assess the needs of each person with an overall view of their health.  ++

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